More than 60 thousand migrants have returned from Iran within last month



At least 63 thousand and 59 refugees have returned from Iran to Afghanistan since 14th of July up to 14th of August. The returnees have interred from two borders between Afghanistan and Iran located in Herat and Nimroz that 41 thousand and 974 of them entered through Islam Qala, border of Herat_Iran and the rest 21 thousand and 545 people have come from Milak, the border between Nimroz and Iran.

The border represents of Ministry of refugee and repatriation (MoRR) data shows that most of people who have been returned within last one month are optionally leaved Iran. The amounts of these returnees are at least 33 thousand and 105 people. Also, 102 people hade their refugee card.

On the other hand, the amount number of deported refugees are placed on the second-high number of one last month returnees list, which are about 28 thousand and 621 migrants.

Meanwhile, 2 thousand and 260 returned migrants that entered through Pol_e_Abreshum (Milak) were received humanitarian assistances which were distributed by international NGO’s and social coordination of Ministry of Refugee and Repatriations. The needy returnees surveyed by MoRR.

In addition of creating verity problems during pandemic of corona virus in Iran, it also causes some unemployment crisis, so this issues affected Afghan refugees that leaved their country in hope to Job opportunity. Iran is one of the most important host country for afghan refugees from past few decades up to now.