About High Commission of Migration

About High Commission of Migration

Lead up

Migration is international phenomenon specially in Afghanistan is very important because this country in three last decades has more than 12million refugees and returnees which in history of nations is unprecedented since 2001 up to 2015 about 5,8 million refugees have been returned to the country and about 6,4 million people still living as refugees in border countries which are faced with a lot of problems.

Therefore, government of Afghanistan is responsible till think the issue of migration very important and has decide to proceed practical management.

In this way ministry of refugees and repatriation with suggestion of creation of high commission of migration in the country and demand the national and international assistance and fair management of migration, return and established reintegration and legal and social service to the refugees, returnees and displaced people and creation the high commission for this objection, construction, authorities and duty responsibilities has identified in this procedure.

Introducing of Commission

In the base of suggestion of minister of RR to excellency president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan relevant to the suggestion of # 566 date of 24/02/2015 # 55 date 04/03/2015 # 57 date 10/03/2015 # 3 and 4 date 01/04/2015 suggestion of creation of high commission in meeting date of 15/04/2015 of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Cabinet under the 8article approval of # 3 date 26/01/94 has been approved in high commission of migration.


aim of the creation of high commission of migration big and national coordination in provide storage time of spontaneously returning of returnees gradually, honorable and established reintegration of refugees and displacement in existence capacity inside the country, management of migration, social and legal services to refugees and returnees and attractive of the national and international assistance specially of hosting countries.

2-High Commission of Migration Affairs   

High Commission of Migration Affairs is a high government commission under the chairmanship of excellency of president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with membership of following persons.

  1. Chief Executive officer of Unity Government of Afghanistan
  2. Second Deputy of the president
  3. Minister of Refugees and Repatriation
  4. Minister of Agriculture Irrigation and livestock
  5. Minister of Interior Affairs
  6. Minister of Foreign Affairs
  7. Minister of Rural rehabilitation and development
  8. Minister of high Education
  9. Minister of Education
  10. Minister of Public Health
  11. Minister of Energy and Water
  12. Minister of Urban Development and housing
  13. Minister of labour and social affairs
  14. Minister of women affairs
  15. Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs
  16. Minister of Finance
  17. Minister of Borders and ethnics
  18. General Director of Afghan Red Crescent
  19. General Director of National Security
  20. Independent Director of Lands
  21. Independent Director of Religion Organs
  22. National director of environment
  23. Director of central statistic
  24. National Director of Radio and Television

The commission’s secretary is belonging to ministry of refugees and repatriation 



Commission’s Responsibilities

High Commission of migration affairs are maintaining of the following duties and authorities

  1. Creation of view and decide of the national and international for good management and effective for refugees and displacements affairs.
  2. Approval of short period, midst period and long period regarding the refugees and displacement affairs.
  3. Tack decision regarding the bilateral and multi memorandum of understanding with foreigner government regarding the refugees and displacement affairs.
  4.  Approval of the comprehensive policy and plan for returning and stability returnees and provide storage time for employment.
  5. Tack decision about the principle problems of the returnees.
  6. Provide storage time for implementation of strategic and resolution
  7. Creation of finance support box from the returning of refugee’s system
  8. Tack decision regarding the provide policy and encourage of Afghan expert to return by aim of the completion of needy of the country’ of expert people in different fields.
  9. Chase of ministries and organs members of high commission of migration activities in every meeting.